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“Recording with a producer who knows what he’s doing is a new experience for us, and we have been to many other studios in the Western New York area. No other producer even comes close to having the experience and expertise as Ken.  He has a very well-trained ear for music and is very easy to work with. We had a lot of fun but got a lot accomplished. Ken is the shit and that’s all there is to it!”

  Solid Spruce Soundboard Tapered Soundboard Vertically Laminated Bridges Duplex Scale Dense Rim Material Essex Grands           All Essex Grands X X X X Walnut Yamaha Grands           CN151 (Cable Nelson) Laminated       Not Specified GB1K X       Not Specified GC1 X     X Not Specified GC2 X     X Not Specified C1X and up X X X X Not Specified Kawai Grands           GL-10 X X     Not Specified GL-20, 30, 40, 50 X X   X Not Specified GX1 Blak and up X X X X "Select Hardwood Laminates"

Several albums have featured music inspired by the Apollo space program . In 1983, Brian Eno with his brother Roger Eno and producer/recording artist Daniel Lanois , composed the score for the film For All Mankind , a documentary of NASA's Apollo program ; an album of the music, Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks , was later released. [6] On The Orb 's 1991 two-disc debut album, Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld , disc one of features an ambient musical simulation of the Apollo 11 moon journey, including excerpts of NASA recordings of the radio conversations between Mission Control and the astronauts in space.

However, this musical vision might never have been realised. At 19 he left home to study for an academic degree at The London School of Economics. He quit on the afternoon on the first day and enrolled at The Royal College of Music two weeks later. An obsessive songwriter as a student, he would gate-crash parties and take to pianos to deliver 5 song sets, unannounced. One such occasion led to an early development deal, which he now sees as essential to his progress as an artist. Amidst the struggle to get his own voice and vision heard, he wrote what quickly became his signature song, “Grace Kelly”, a spoof 4/4 opera set to a technicolour pop backdrop. “It was a f***-off song to people that I was working with at the time,” he explains now. “It is where the line ‘shall I bend over, shall I look older, just to be put on your shelf’ comes from. I was so angry. That company had every resource except a soul.” The infectious pomp and deliriously catchy chorus of Grace Kelly became a benchmark for where he wanted to go. “You can’t be afraid to stand out. If no one was going to take a punt on it, then so be it. I would do it myself.”

Accessories The following accessories are arranged separately in the styrofoam packing or later in the suitcase system (special accessory): foot control • instruction manual • power cable • warranty card • FHS presser foot lifter (Free Hand System) • seam guide for slide-on table •...

In 1934 Blount was offered his first full-time musical job by Ethel Harper—his biology teacher from the high school, who had organized a band to pursue a career as a singer. Blount joined a musicians' trade union and toured with Harper's group through the US Southeast and Midwest . When Harper left the group mid-tour to move to New York (she later was a member of the modestly successful singing group the Ginger Snaps ), Blount took over leadership of the group, renaming it the Sonny Blount Orchestra. They continued touring for several months before dissolving as unprofitable. Though the first edition of the Sonny Blount Orchestra was not financially successful, they earned positive notice from fans and other musicians. Blount afterward found steady employment as a musician in Birmingham.

Quisquis amat. veniat. Veneri volo frangere costas
fustibus et lumbos debilitare deae.
Si potest illa mihi tenerum pertundere pectus
 quit ego non possim caput illae frangere fuste?

Whoever loves, go to hell. I want to break Venus's ribs
with a club and deform her hips.
If she can break my tender heart
why can't I hit her over the head?
CIL IV, 1824. [8]

No Artist Sounds Of Outer SpaceNo Artist Sounds Of Outer SpaceNo Artist Sounds Of Outer SpaceNo Artist Sounds Of Outer Space