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She had come; she was sitting here right next to me. After all I did to her last night. I wasn't really prepared for this. I had prepared for her leaving the conference because of me, and had prepared for her ignoring me completely, and I had even emotionally prepared for her to scream and yell at me. But I wasn't prepared for her to just walk up and sit down next to me at the morning session on the second day of the conference.

Last night had been the most incredible night of sex in my life. Something had just snapped in me, I had done things to this sweet young thing that I had never considered doing to anyone before. She brought a monster out in me. I'm a really nice guy, a respectful guy but I lost control last night. Well actually, I took control last night, absolute sexual control over this very nice young lady, Kate. She is so small, so beautiful, so demure, so vulnerable, and I just imposed myself on her. Over and over.

But here she sat, right next to me as the room stirred getting ready for the morning sessions. Kate looked straight ahead, as beautiful as I remembered, in a pretty summer dress. Her hands were folded in her lap as I look down on her pretty shoulders, slender neck, and taking her fragrance in fully. My dick twitched at the thought of my large member fully embedded in her perfect tiny ass last night with her naked body pressed against the plate-glass window in my room. My heart began pumping, all I want to do is throw her face down on the table in front of all these people and fuck her hard. It was difficult control even my breathing as Kate just sat there quietly, serenely.

The big morning session had begun but I wasn't paying much attention. My mind was consumed by this sweet girl/woman. The opening session moved quickly to the first of several keynote speakers which they proudly titled "Presenters from Around the World." The lights dimmed and the first international speaker appeared on four large video screens across the front of the conference room. I could have not been any less interested as my total focus was on how many ways I could force my will on this sweet thing. What did it mean her coming this morning and sitting next to me? Shit, did it matter?

It was happening again, lust was raging through my mind, my body. I couldn't remember whether we had spoken yet or were all the things that had been said just in my head? It was becoming apparent that I couldn't wait until after the conference day, heck I couldn't even wait until the first break to have my way with her. I couldn't believe what she was doing to me just sitting there. Again, totally out of my normal character I lowered my mouth to her ear and said, "I want to you to give me your underwear."

I could see a faint grin appeared on her face and a crinkle on her nose with just a touch of red from embarrassment. She continued looking forward, maybe a bit excited from the suggestion but not making any effort to fulfill my request. It took a minute to figure out she wasn't taking it seriously. I leaned back to her ear and said, "I would like them now, please."

This time there was no grin; Kate looked more shocked than anything and subtly looked around to see if anyone had heard me. She quickly became as still as can be in her chair with her hands in her lap. I let her just sit there for the moment and think about it. With the rest of the attendees at our table turned slightly away from us to view the video screens, she slowly moved her hands to her side and as discreetly reached up under her dress. Quietly lifting her small bottom off her chair, she pulled her panties down a bit and then stopped. She again checked the people at our table and then those at close by tables before she continued.

Within a minute or two she had her panties wadded in between her properly folded hands on her lap. I turned an open hand on top of the table in front of me and could feel her reluctance to lift her indiscretion off her lap. Finally she did, very quickly. Up came her hands and she placed the panties in my hand and wrapped my hand around them as fast as she could. Kate being miles outside her apparent good-girl comfort zone was turning my need to take full control of her into hyper drive.

I let her sit there not knowing what I was going to do next. Truth be told, I didn't have any idea what I was going to do next but the sexual tension was empowering. Here I was, in a room with five or six hundred people doing exactly the same thing they were doing except I had the hottest piece of innocent ass sitting next to me with no panties on. Kate's hands were back in her lap, I suppose making sure her skirt wouldn't accidently rise up. She was her most sensual sitting there trying to be inconspicuous.

I had this insatiable need to take advantage of her. Reaching down into her lap, I brought one of her hands to my thigh and move it until it was stoking along my cock inside my pants. Without looking anywhere but forward, Kate began to run her hand from my crotch down the length of my dick. If she had forgotten, this would serve to remind her how big I am. It was so amazing to see my big dick disappearing into her tiny body last night. I can't imagine how it felt for her. Here again, she was succumbing to my will and my hunger for her was being fueled.

Keeping her head straight forward, not daring to look in my direction, her small hand barely gripping half my girth slowly slid up and down my pant leg from the base of my hardened cock to its head. After a few minutes she was reaching up in between my legs to touch my ball sack. She knew she needed to obey and please me, not willing to risk the consequences. The situation was so erotic that I was going to cum in my pants. I needed to bring it to a stop. I took Kate's hand from my lap and placed it back in hers. In the same move, I crossed my legs shifting in my seat turning towards her. I held her hand in her lap for a minute of two before I ran my hand down the length of her leg under the table until I reached her naked skin just short of her knees.

I could feel her freeze, her body, her gaze, maybe even her heart. I was enjoying the touch of her soft skin on the inside of her leg. With my close arm to her wrapped over the back of her chair, it was my far hand in between her legs. My face was close enough to her hair to smell the change of her fragrance as our actions became more risqué. As our fellow conference mates were dutifully listening to the video presentation of the keynote speakers, I was moving my hand onto the even softer skin higher up her thigh. Her beautifully flawless skin was flashing through my mind from our intimacies the night before. I had sucked it, bit it, whipped it with a belt and came on it. It had been the greatest sexual experience of my life.

Even though the person sitting next to Kate on the other side was only a couple of feet away, Kate let out a low sigh as I reached the mid-point up her thigh. She checked out of the corner of her eye to see if her neighbor was still turned away towards the video. She was trying to dissuade my progress by bringing her thighs tightly together but I had no problem pulling her near leg my way. Finally, I reached my goal and Kate let out a moan. I found the quick cough she tried to cover it up with absolutely adorable. My fingers found her moist as she gave up the effort to stop me. She had resigned to my control.

I lightly touched her sex up and down her small slit. Kate was working very hard to not let on but I could feel and smell her excitement. Her whole body winced as I crossed her sensitive nub with my fingers. Only inserted an inch or so, I ran my fingers through her sex until they were completely covered in the evidence of her naughtiness. I was not going to able to wait any longer, the dimmed lights in the room would serve my purpose to exit the conference room with a boner difficult to conceal. I leaned in to Kate and said, "Come with me."

We rose from our seats and wove our way through the many tables between us and the room's exit. Once we made our way out of the conference room and then the adjacent room full of vendor's displays, we finally entered the hotel's lobby. Trying to head for the elevators to make it back to my room we passed some restrooms. It was still a long way to get to the elevators, especially with a raging hard on and a wet spot on the rear of Kate's pretty sundress so I headed towards the restroom. Not my first choice but I was desperate. To my relief, there was an individual "Family Restroom" offered. Directing Kate by the shoulders ahead of me I pushed her into the family unit.

It was good size with a toilet, sink, and a changing table mounted on the wall. I locked the door and without ceremony pushed Kate face forward to the changing table. It hinged off the wall and was open, as her shoulders and arms were pushed onto the changing area. I lifted her dress up to above her waist, enjoying the perfect porcelain white ass that presented itself. Kate was at my mercy, having no leverage to move any which way. I wanted to pound my dick in her tight, tight ass again but I wasn't prepared for that, so I pressed towards her moist, soft, tight pussy from behind.

I'm not one to crouch down to fuck and Kate being so little, I just grabbed her hips and lifted her ass right off the ground to cock level. With her bent over hanging onto the changing table I brought her small slit to the head of my dick. She was wet but so very petite, I slowly maneuvered her pussy up and down and around before I pulling it onto my raging oversized pole. Once I had forced my head fully inside her, I shoved her hips down the shaft of my dick. She made a sound like I had knocked the wind out of her as she gasped for air. With only about half of my cock inserted I knew I could easily slam hard into her cervix, but I was enjoying pulling and pushing her small body up and down my shaft with her feet dangling nearly a foot off the ground. Gaining some depth with each stroke I was fascinated that I could feel my cock move up her tummy by my fingers that gripped her thin waist. I realized that I was using her as a sex toy to masturbate with as I pressed my fingers inward to make her even tighter for my dick. I was jacking myself off with her snug silky glove of a pussy.

Looking at my large cock disappear into this impossibly small woman only made me more aggressive. It was such a turn on. I started to fuck her harder. In addition to pulling her cunt up my dick, on every third stroke or so I would slam my hips forward crashing into her cervix. Kate's moans would change to a yelp, then to a scream. I could feel her tight little sex pulsate around my cock and her juices flow down our legs. Watching her beautiful face contort from orgasmic pleasure, then pain, then back, I couldn't help myself from using her to pleasure myself fully. It felt so good removing her from my dick and then thrusting her fully back down my shaft, slapping her ass against my crotch. We were pounding against the wall, Kate's arms and head were getting pushed into the changing table. It must have hurt her but it made me cum.

As I backed away, Kate started to slide down to the floor. Seeing the mess we had made below I scooped her up into my arms and gently set her on the small countertop next to the sink. She was limp and I just held her half on the counter, half in my arms, and her head laying on my chest. So vulnerable, so used.

We finally gathered ourselves and left the restroom. I told her we have a stop to make so she followed me as we headed across the first floor of the hotel. The conference was the last thing on my mind at the time, I was being driven by a previously unknown force and couldn't stop now. I had been so full of doubt, worried about the consequences of my actions, and then she showed back up. It emboldened me, I didn't understand it, but now I was a mission. I had this unrelenting need to fuck the shit out of her . . and I expected her to take it.

Across the foyer was the hotel's convenience shop full of snacks, sundries and things travelers may need. I walked in and headed for the wall of toiletries. Scanning the selection, I found what I was looking for, a travel-size K-Y gel and moved to the checkout counter. Looking up, I find a young man in his early twenties standing behind the register starring out into the shop. I follow his line of sight until I come to Kate.

She was just standing there, looking a bit dazed and confused, and absolutely stunning. With her pretty summer dress a bit out of sorts, her hair a little mused, and her makeup askew. She was the perfect picture of a freshly fucked woman. I set the lubricant on the counter and with one look at my purchase the young man began to blush. The whole time his eyes continually darted up at Kate and then back trying not to get caught looking. All I could do was agree and turned towards Kate and just drank her in. She doesn't seem to have a clue how incredibly beautiful she is. The young man took full advantage of the opportunity to ogle Kate without interruption, but when I heard a long wanting sigh and decided it was time to move on. On my way out of the shop I passed Kate and said, "Come with me."

Once back out in the hotel's lobby I told Kate to take me to her room. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes, starring for a moment as if deciding. Then as deadpan I could I said, "Now." She finally turned towards the elevators. I don't know what I would have done if she had said, "No." It's not like I know what I'm doing at all, let alone have a backup plan or have any idea what a real Dom would do, if that's what I was trying to be. But she didn't say, "No" so now I knew exactly what I was going to do.

As we made our way to the elevators I reached up and placed my hand on the back of her neck. I'm not sure why but it made me feel a little bit more in control. In the elevator, she stepped away from my hand to select the floor and then back within reach. My cock had started to tingle looking at her in the convenience shop but this small action made my dick rage. Looking down at her from behind I couldn't wait to get her to her room but my cock was trying to push its way out of my pants now yelling, "I want the girl! I want the girl!"

My pants held and we finally got to her room. It wasn't a suite style like mine but still spacious. The bed was the center piece but it was also complemented with a couch and chair as well as a small kitchenette and table. She entered and just stood in the middle of the room, staring at nothing particular. I tossed my small shopping bag on the bed and stepped up right behind Kate. I pressed my body against her as my hands pulled her in from the front. I felt that I nearly melted, that I needed her touch so bad as hands filled themselves with her breasts. She sank back into me with a soft moan as I started unbuttoning her pretty summer dress. Even though it had buttons all the way down I only made it to her waist before I lifted it from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

I smiled as she stood there in just her lacey bra remembering I still had her panties in my pocket from the conference room earlier. I gently removed her last remaining garment, took her by the shoulders and pulled her back one step out of her shoes and crumpled dress on the floor. Now she was perfect, and for some reason that I hadn't figured out yet I needed to abuse her. Still holding her by the shoulders I led her to the couch while telling her, "If you're going to come work at my agency in California you'll need to be disciplined."

Without caring whether there was a response or not I sat down on the couch and pulled her over my lap. It took a moment to get Kate situated over my knees but once there I just held her place and marveled. Her flawless, perfectly white skin from her neck bending down from her small shoulders to the couch, down to her tiny ass laying across my knee. Once I captured her hands and put her arms in the position I wanted, reaching as far forward as they could, and with her breasts hidden under her she could easily be mistaken for a young teenager. Fresh and too tiny for a big dick.

I couldn't help myself from running my hands up and down her body, from top to bottom. I was enjoying the same soft flesh that I wanted to destroy. Finally, I wrapped left hand around her waist and pulled tight against me. My right hand came down hard with a slap on her behind and a grunt from deep in her core. Immediately a red hand print appeared, it effectively covered both cheeks of her small ass. Another one for good measure. I took my left arm and wrapped it underneath her and cupped her sex in my hand. Folding my thumb to the center of my palm I placed its knuckle right at the top her slit. Another hard spank and her body's lunge forward taking her cleft right over the top of my knuckle. With a yelp, I could feel moisture starting to spread along my hand.

I lowered my strikes to the tops of her thighs, each time creating friction across my thumb. Forcing more contact by bending my knuckle I watched her squirm her little ass around trying to find a more comfortable fit. I finished my "face-down" spanking with a dozen or more rapid fire strikes on and inside of her lovely thighs. This sent her body every which direction grinding her clit into my knuckle. It took her breath away and sent juices beyond my hand and onto my pants. I gave her a moment to regain her breath while I ran my hand up and down her softest skin on the inside of her thigh. Finally, I brought my hand up her thigh until it pressed into her sex and just held it there. A moment or two later I continued to raise my hand until it pressed hard into her lips and began to lift her hips off my lap. I was rewarded with a long low moan.

Without much effort, I rolled her body over so she was draped over my lap facing up. I was pleased she kept her arms on the couch raised above her head. Once again I needed to stop and stare, appreciating the most beautiful creature I had ever been intimate with. Being the first woman I had ever struck, used, and abused, maybe the most intimate. Shit, I had no idea what this kind of stuff led to but here she laid across my lap. At this moment she was mine, I owned her and her body, I could do with it whatever I had the urge to do.

Studying her, arched over my lap, from her neck across her chest, her breasts rose proudly with each deep breath. She didn't have one ounce of fat on her but she wasn't skinny. With her shoulders down on the couch on one side of me and her legs hanging in the air on the other side, I was amazed that from where her stomach stretched flat and narrow to the tops of her creamy white thighs, her skin was perfectly smooth. Even her pelvic bones refused to show themselves and ruin this supple sight. She was perfection in a tiny package.

My hands explored her front until one latched onto one of her breasts. With a squeeze, the nipple was forced upwards. It was femininely pink and placed perfectly on her fleshly mound. There was nothing I could do other than take the nipple between my thumb and my index finger pulling it away from her chest. As I stretched her breast upward I could hear a draw of breath. With my free hand I slapped the outside of her tittie yanking the nipple from my tight grasp. This time I heard a gasp and a short squeal. I was so proud of my little thing when her hands stayed raised above her head, not try to rescue her breast as I took the nipple between my fingers again. Once again, I held it tight enough to stretch her tit high above her chest. This time her back arched upward and tried to follow but to no avail. With a sharp slap, this time on the underside of her breast, Kate's nipple was ripped from my fingers. She slumped back onto my lap with ragged breath.

William Borah (1865–1940) was an outspoken Republican United States Senator from the state of Idaho . A progressive who served in the Senate from 1907 until his death, he is often considered an isolationist . He reluctantly voted for . entry into World War I in 1917 and, once the war ended, fought successfully against Senate ratification of the Treaty of Versailles , which would have made the . part of the League of Nations . Remaining a maverick, he often fought with the Republican presidents in office between 1921 and 1933, though Coolidge offered to make Borah his running mate in 1924. Deprived of his post as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when the Democrats took control in 1933, Borah supported some New Deal legislation, but opposed other proposals. In his final years, he felt he might be able to settle differences in Europe by meeting with Hitler; though he did not go, this has not enhanced his historical reputation. His statue , presented by the state of Idaho in 1947, stands in the National Statuary Hall Collection . ( Full article... )

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