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I think more of you are going to end up watching this than you’re letting on.  Hit the jump for the images.  And thanks to Matt for that synopsis.

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A soundtrack album was released in 1984 by Casablanca Records containing many of the contemporary songs featured in the film. Of particular note is Joe Esposito 's " You're the Best ", featured during the tournament montage near the end of the first film. Originally written for Rocky III , "You're the Best" was rejected by Sylvester Stallone in favor of Survivor's " Eye of the Tiger ". Coincidentally, Survivor also performed the main theme ("The Moment of Truth" Music & Lyrics: Bill Conti, Dennis Lambert, Peter Beckett) for The Karate Kid .

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 · Question: Have you ever got into trouble for telling people you practice Karate ? That’s what I asked on my official Facebook and Twitter page recently.

The final stage is the festival after the typhoon. Daniel wears a new outfit for this stage and the random enemies are now tougher, requiring two hits to be felled. There are also enemies with spears who take even more hits to defeat. The final boss, once again Chozen, [2] has a new twist. Now he has Kumiko down on the ground beside him and if Daniel does not occasionally come into contact with her, she will slip off the platform and drown. This will result in a lost life. If Daniel can successfully defeat the boss without Kumiko drowning the player will be treated to a rather short ending. Mr. Miyagi's head appears and is animated to look as if he's talking and saying "You have successfully guided Daniel- san through all the challenges and have become a martial arts master!"

Various Karate Kid Original Motion Picture SoundtrackVarious Karate Kid Original Motion Picture SoundtrackVarious Karate Kid Original Motion Picture SoundtrackVarious Karate Kid Original Motion Picture Soundtrack