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Bushell's latterday career as a gleeful provoker of the liberal left, writing for the Sun and the Daily Star, probably hasn't done much to help public perceptions regarding Oi!'s political affiliations. When Oi! was at its height, however, he says he was a Trotskyist who did his best to infuse the movement with socialist principles. He organised Oi! conferences and debates, "trying to shape the movement, trying to stop the culture of violence, talking about doing unemployment benefits, working with the Right to Work campaign, prisoners' rights gigs – I thought we could unite punk and social progress." Not everyone was receptive: "Stinky Turner was at one debate, and he didn't contribute much, apart from the classic line, 'Oi! is working class, and if you're not working class you'll get a kick in the bollocks.'" He laughs. "Perfect! That was what the Rejects were all about."

As a tribute to West Ham United, the punk rock band the Cockney Rejects covered the song in 1980. The song is also heard in the movie Green Street Hooligans and at the end of episode of Ashes to Ashes which took place in 1983 and featured the death of a West Ham United supporter. [ citation needed ]

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THE TRUTH: Plant has confirmed that the title "D'yer Mak'er" does, in fact, come from a rusty bit of Cockney humor, which usually goes something like this:
Cockney Man 1: My wife is going on holiday.
Cockney Man 2: D'yer make 'er? ["Jamaica," but pronounced quickly so that it sounds just like "Did you make her?"]
Cockney Man 1: No, she's going on her own accord.
The sly allusion to Jamaica made sense for the song: "D'yer Mak'er" is Zeppelin's reggae move.

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Cockney Rejects The Greatest Cockney Rip OffCockney Rejects The Greatest Cockney Rip OffCockney Rejects The Greatest Cockney Rip OffCockney Rejects The Greatest Cockney Rip Off