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I was very fortunate enough to find a bottle of Circus Fantasy after looking almost everywhere for it for almost a year. Here in Australia they seemed to discontinue this lovely fragrance as no store seems to sell it anymore. They even had gift sets for this fragrance at Myer and Target yet they all just vanished without a trace. I'm very happy now that I got my hands on a bottle!

The fragrance is sweet, super sweet. It definitely smells of raspberry. Many on here saying it's supposed to smell like "blue raspberry" but having no idea what that is suppose to smell like to me it just smells like raspberry. It has a candy aspect to it which smells nice also...almost like a hard candy mint smell. The longevity is average, which is probably what came with the new reformulated bottles as I remember borrowing my friend's old Circus Fantasy perfume a long time ago and knowing the longevity/sillage of this fragrance was very strong.

Another reason why I really wanted a bottle of this is how Britney dedicated this perfume to her Circus album era. Obviously one of the greatest albums from her in my opinion, so the fragrance I wanted as well. I love this perfume just as much as the Circus album and now that it's summer here in Australia I cannot wait to wear this one more often on the hotter days!

I rate this perfume a 7/10, I'm obsessed over the circus-themed packaging. The bottle is super pretty with it's pearly blue with ruby red rhinestones. The smell of this perfume makes my mouth water just as much as the packaging does. I'm a sucker for sweet scents, so if you are the same I would definitely recommend purchasing this fragrance. If not, avoid this perfume at all costs as it could potentially be sickeningly sweet for some.