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Contrary to the misinformation that GHB is a totally safe, benign, non-addictive drug, GHB is in fact addictive and the withdrawal syndrome is prolonged (10-14 days) with potentially severe symptoms.   Withdrawal from severe alcohol delirium tremens, benzodiazepine drugs (such as Valium-diazepam, Ativan-lorazepam, Xanax-clonazepam, etc.) and GHB can in fact be fatal.  It is a common misconception that heroin withdrawal is the “worst” withdrawal, but heroin withdrawal in itself isn’t fatal.  Despite the documented severity and duration of GHB withdrawal syndrome, very, very few treatment centers and even emergency rooms are familiar with it.  Thus proper treatment is often hard to find.  But for those addicted to GHB it is indeed worth the fight.  Life without GHB/GBL/BD as your master is life worth living.  Hang in there and press for proper treatment.  We will help you in any way that we can.  Proper detox is the key to healthy recovery.

Ohio Players EcstasyOhio Players EcstasyOhio Players EcstasyOhio Players Ecstasy