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Indrani says she did such a thing, even then you are saying about forgiving her. He says my heart is such. Indrani asks Shilpa to keep Advay’s bags inside. She asks him to rest and goes. Advay goes to Chandni and calls her move kiddish. He asks her to come to his room at night as Katto Gilheri. She refuses to come and asks what’s this language. He says if you don’t come, I will tell your mum, and even PT and his mum that you did this. She says you always threaten me.

Unfortunately, the rating of the given supernatural drama proves a different story, as the show is losing its positions in the list of Lifetime leaders, and the number of fans has been reduced to 1,24 million. At the moment there is no confidence the premiere date of season 3 will be announced, but the creators don’t hurry «to burry» their TV-project.

At last, I got the opportunity to talk to one pattima (old lady), mother of a good friend, who’s been making wine for years, got the recipe of ingredients, and proportions from her and she ran me through telephone the methodology, tips and tricks of the process. Within 2 hours of talking to her, I was all set to go!