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Isn't he the bimbo who took the bread out of the mouths of the Thursday Review people? Chuck the blighter out of the window and we want to see him bounce.

Reeves was born "James Travis Reeves" in Galloway, a small rural community near Carthage in southeastern Panola County, Texas; he became known as a crooner because of his warm, velvety voice. His songs were remarkable for their simple elegance highlighted by his rich light baritone voice. Songs such as "He'll Have to Go," "Adios Amigo," "Welcome To My World," and "Am I Losing You" demonstrated this approach. Jim Reeves' Christmas songs have been perennial favorites, including songs such as "Silver Bells," "Blue Christmas," and "An Old Christmas Card." After an injury cut short his minor-league baseball career within the St. Louis Cardinals farm system, his musical break came while working as announcer on KWKH Radio in Shreveport, Louisiana. Singer Sleepy LaBeef could not make it on time for a performance on the Louisiana Hayride, according to former Hayride emcee Frank Page, and Reeves was asked to fill in. (Other accounts—including Reeves himself, in an interview later released on the RCA album ''Yours Sincerely''—name Hank Williams as the absentee.) Reeves' singing career was launch... license: GNU FDL
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Bimbo in Celtic green against Iverson:


Initially styled as a honky-tonk troubadour, Texas-born Jim Reeves scored early hits with "Mexican Joe" and the novelty tune "Bimbo" before making an abrupt change that altered the trajectory of country music. For his 1957 single "Four Walls," Reeves adopted a crooning vocal style that emphasized his resonant baritone and paired it with producer Chet Atkins' lush, mellow arrangement, creating what may well be the first Countrypolitan record in the process. The gamble was a successful one: "Four Walls" reached the top of the country chart and Number 12 on the pop chart. Reeves would apply this smoothed-out approach for the remainder of his career, scoring his biggest hit with the vibraphone-assisted "He'll Have to Go" in 1959, but scoring a succession of hits with "Am I Losing You," "I Know One" and "Adios Amigo," among others. Reeves' career was cut tragically short in 1964, when the plane he was piloting crashed after encountering bad weather in Nashville, but his efforts to reach out to the larger world of pop are still echoing well into the present day. .

Jim Reeves BimboJim Reeves BimboJim Reeves BimboJim Reeves Bimbo